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Sunday, November 13, 2016

Fall Photo Gallery 2016

Somehow the magical mobile device Gods sent out an old old post from 2011 titled Happy New Year. While the title is confusing it was fun to wake up to the original "before" photo of our space in my in-box.

The DTFarm space when we began, looking West, Winter 2011.  Thanks again to the Cathedral of the Rockies (FUMC) for their generous trust in Boise High to help tend this piece of land, and all the Boise High teachers and students who've helped over the years..

What a difference 6 years makes as we look forward to the 2017 season. Here are some photos from the 2016 season. Thank you to all that offer their gracious support of our project!

Biology Class get's in on beneficial soil organisms (notice Chloe's gloves!)

 Mulch ladies, Mulch!

Manure for next year's benefit.

Nature matching fashion nail color.

Lily's group harvested kale for our Harvest to Homeless Initiative.

 No caption needed, that smile says it all!

This area was an absolute disaster 1 year ago, now look at that soil, and how easily this team prepped it for next year.

Manure before cover crop planting in Bio.

Performance Task - making time outside count.

Super excited - the living fence has grown in nicely and next year we will add bee boxes to the Apiary.

The space in general is making more sense, a bit of a long view.

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