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Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Cover Crop Delights

We have been experimenting heavily in the past 10 months or so with the use of Cover Crops at the DTFarm.

The basic premise of using Cover Crops essentially involve creating a positive soil ecosystem and plant colony, rather than surrendering to weeds that proliferate quickly even when water is removed. These beautiful and beneficial crops also fix nitrogen, mine minerals from the deep soil layers, and help nourish key soil microbes. Plus, they do this heavy lifting all winter long while we wait for Spring.

Some useful links about Cover Crops:

For the Home Gardener (from Modern Farmer)

From Cornell University

From the Sustainable Agriculture Environmental Research Conference on Cover Crops

More from SARE

From the USDA

Next year's draft of our planting plan, overlaid with winter cover mixes from the students "mix-a-lot" lab!

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