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Saturday, November 3, 2012

Fall Update 2012: Part II

Fall 2012

What a fantastic group of young people to welcome to the Downtown Teaching Farm... the first thing I hear every day at school is "Are we going to the farm today?"  I am so grateful that this is happening at Boise High! ~Ali Ward

Our first task was bagging and dumpstering the drying goatheads that
had been pulled by volunteers earlier in the summer.

Oliver and Kamal, measuring their tomato plant.

A lovely morning.

Alicia, working on those goatheads.

Juma, heading to the dumpster back at school.

Working, and socializing!

Fall Peas

Broom Corn, local seed from Earthly Delights Farm

Sunflower Harvest

Kyle really wanted to show everyone how huge the sunflower heads were.

Jessica and her Carrots

5th Period - ELL Environmental Science 

Arbay, Elise, and Juma - and their beautiful Zinnias.

Fall Bird Foraging areas were built out of Sunflower Stalks.

Gross - A Large Population of Squash Beetles.  Booooo.

Our lovely Zinnias.

 Brussel  Sprouts 

Potato Harvest

Fresh Taters

Saving Zinnia Seed

Kale Galore

Guthrie and his Marigolds

Measurement Lab I

Measurement Lab II

Measurement Lab III

Measurement Lab IV

Oh NO! Hot Pepper Eating.

Measurement Lab V

Measurement Lab VI

We forgot our Clipboards - this will work!

Measurement lab VII

Original Mantis

Shirley, our attendance secretary, and a hilarious potato.

Gustavo, on U-Pick Harvest Day.

Heather, one of our new Boise High teachers, joining in the U-Pick fun.

Holy Armenian Cucumber!
U-pick day for BHS staff and families!

Marten Vonk, telling us all about Bee Keeping - it was amazing!

Honey Comb

Casey O'Leary, giving her sexy flower talk.

Here we have it, and eggplant ovary.

Nick and Gabe, working it at the Tomato Independence Project taste testing station

That's some 'mater.
"Try this one, its the best!"

Its a farm work day in Environmental Science.

Sharif, harvesting some carrots.

Megan, one of our official flower pickers.

Fall Kale

Blue Potatoes

Green tomatoes to ripen off the vine.

Harvesting Marigold Seeds

Good Times

Potato Bounty

Harvesting Mint for Tea

Beautiful Broom Corn


This garden is making kids happy.