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Monday, April 18, 2016

Spring has Sprung!

We are continuing to till in our Nitrogen Fixing Cover Crops - our soil is looking great and they are providing great weed protection while we wait for planting dates.  THANK you to all the Bio classes that helped plant these important beneficial plants last fall!

We will continue to plant our Spring Veg this week - 

Potatoes and Onions and Greens Oh My!

Here are a few photos from our very successful Sustainability Summit on April 8th.  Thank you to all the DTFarm Committee Members and gardeners who supported our school's efforts regarding Sustainability this year.  This is surely only the beginning!

Flower arranging at the Sustainability Summit - Thank you Bloom Boise for help with the Spring Blooms!

Food Truck Rally!

Lance teaches us about Bee Boxes - coming to the DTFarm this week!

The Comb.

Planting Bare Root Fruit Trees as part of our Bee Barrier!

Thanks to the 150 student presenters in classrooms all over BHS!

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