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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Tip of the Day #2

Hen Scratch Fever

Problem:  Your backyard chickens (er - dogs, kids, husband's with weed-wackers) are ruining your backyard plantings.  They are digging around and killing all those little seedlings.

Solution:  Repurposed Dead Lilac Swags

Bonus:  Less refuse on its way to the landfill from your garden.  This has been a personal goal of mine for several years - reuse all the organic "trash" my yard seems to produce.  Exception: Rose and Berry Brambles (difficult to handle) and terrible seedy weeds - they don't deserve compost heaven, burn them or dump them.

Find a lilac snag, and a hiding spot to save a pile of them from year to year.  No need to send them to the landfill anymore!

Lay them directly on the seeded bed.  This is garlic coming up from last year (thus the mulch), but I've successfully used it with small seeds such as lettuce, spinach - anything I'm sowing directly.

The lilac lets all the sunlight and water in, but keeps those pesky hens out.
(Second in a series of unkown length)

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